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Eco Boost Intense


Eco Boost Intense

Mineralised Protein Supplement for Intensive Beef Cattle

  • Formulated for intensive beef cattle being fed ad lib cereal diets
  • Contains “natural” feed enhancer developed to assist in rumen digestion and reduce acidosis
  • “Live” yeast cells stimulate rumen activity, helping drive DLWG increases
  • Urea to improve digestion and fibre breakdown. And provide adequate levels of ERDP
  • High levels of zinc to help with foot and coat health
  • Sulphur for microbial protein growth
  • Non GM Soya for maximum production

For use with intensive beef only, fed ad lib barley and straw. To be fed as a mixed feed, do not feed free access or top dressed. Mix one bag only per tonne of cereals, or as advised.

CAUTION: Contains copper – Do not feed to sheep, non-ruminants, young calves, lambs or horses.

LifeStart Dynabloc


LifeStart Dynabloc

High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for sheep

  • High levels of by-pass protein with the correct amino acid profile for
  • Improved colostrum quality and quantity
  • Improved lamb birth weights
  • Improved lamb vigour
  • High energy for maximum milk quantity and quality
  • High selenium and vitamin E to give lambs the best start
  • Protected zinc for healthy hoof and udder
  • B group vitamins for maximum health and vigour

Place bucket in area where stock congregate. Intake will vary according to availability of other feeds. Allow 1 bucket for 40 ewes