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Bespoke Technical Services

Tithebarn has nearly 80 years’ experience in the specialist field of ruminant mineral and vitamin nutrition, and as a company we pride ourselves on our knowledge of livestock nutrition and the quality of the products we produce.

Our products are always made to a specification for a purpose. And the majority of the time, our stock products will be able to fulfil the nutritional requirements of your animals.

We are, however, fully aware that individual farms can have very specific requirements. With this in mind we are able to prepare a complete, bespoke mineral package to suit your farming system and ensure that you get the very best performance from your animals.

The fact that we make all of the products ourselves, in our factories in Cheshire and Somerset, means that we can be extremely flexible in the formulation of your bespoke mineral.

Tithebarn’s qualified nutritionists can tailor-make a mineral to fit in with whatever else you are feeding, and whatever specific concerns you may have with your animals. We can also work closely with your vet and nutritionist to ensure that everybody on your farm is pulling in the same direction.

Please contact your local representative, or alternatively contact our Product Manager, Peter Melling (07585 901883)

Bespoke Technical Services

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Tithebarn Product Range

MinsupsDynaBloc - High nutrient density mineral feedMineral Blocks - Cost effective feed supplementsBoost - Mineralised protein supplementsKeyMin - Minimise quantity ration supplementsOrganic - Organic minerals and dynablocsRespiThrive - Promotes respiratory healthThemovite - Lamb and calf health supplement