Biomax News Feed

Biomax News Feed

This year the UK has been experiencing a superb grass growing season.

Grass will be the cheapest feed you have, so this is the time to make the very most of what is growing in the fields.

Beef cattle

Biomax Dynablocs contain Crina®. This is a rumen conditioner that has been shown in trials to increase daily live weight gains by an average of 10%.

Biomax Dynablocs are suitable for all cattle in the spring and summer months, and will help improve fibre digestion and make the most of the grass’s protein by enhancing the rumen fermentation function.

For beef cattle:

Biomax Dynablocs will help increase daily live weight gains, and increase profits.

For suckler cows and dairy cattle:

Biomax Dynablocs are an excellent summer grazing product. Crina® has been shown to increase milk yields.

The high levels of protected zinc in Biomax Dynablocs; helps improve the foot condition of cattle.

Biomax Dynablocs are a low intake bucket which have been formulated to balance mineral and vitamin deficiencies found in forage.

Biomax can also be supplied in a bagged mineral form that can be fed free access.


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