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Equine Fertility

  • Bloom ‘n’ Sheen

    Bloom ‘n’ Sheen

    Molassed Mineral Supplement for All Stock (25kg bag)

    • For the finishing touch to show and sale stock
    • A wide range of “protected” vitamins to maintain health in ruminant and non-ruminant animals
    • B Group vitamins essential for non-ruminants
    • Calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy bone growth
    • Cod liver oil to enhance palatability and to help improve coat condition
    • Trace elements for health and vitality
    • Selenium and vitamin E for healthy muscle development
    • Calves, Sheep, Deer, Goats 15-30g per day
    • Growing Cattle, Ponies, Sows 30-45g per day
    • Horses, Breeding Cattle, Show ~Cattle, Finishing Beef 45-60g per day
  • Turf Min Plus

    Turf Min Plus

    Multivitamin mineral supplement for performance horses (10kg bucket)

    • High vitamin E and selenium content for healthy muscle
    • B group vitamins, essential for all horses
    • Biotin to help maintain healthy hoof development
    • Methionine to promote overall fitness
    • Minerals and trace elements essential for general health
    • High levels of molasses and spices to ensure palatability
    • Sprinkled on feed over one or two meals
      Adult horses – sprinkle 60g on feed or mix with concentrates daily
    • Bulk Mixing
      Add 1 drum of Turfmin Plus to each ½ tonne of concentrate

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