Mineral Blocks

Mineral BlocksMineral Blocks

Cost effective feed supplements

Mineral and feed blocks

Our range of mineral and feed blocks is a highly cost-effective alternative to loose minerals or a bucket. Minimal molasses and an organic binder leaves maximum space for nutrients. There is a block to suit almost any system.

High energy block

High energy protected fat helps increase milk yield and growth.
Undegradable protein balances roughage.
Use at lambing time helps reduce mis-mothering.

Magnesium block

High grade, palatable magnesium mineral for rapid effectiveness.

Proto block

A blend of quality proteins, trace elements and minerals to compensate for deficiencies in roughages.
Contains urea to improve digestion and fibre breakdown.

Dry cow block

Calcium free to help reduce the risk of milk fever.
Contains iodine to help reduce stillbirths.
Contains selenium to help reduce retained cleansing.

To find the right product to suit your requirements, select your livestock.

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