Newborn lambs


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Newborn Lambs

  • LifeStart Dynabloc


    LifeStart Dynabloc

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for sheep

    • High levels of by-pass protein with the correct amino acid profile for
    • Improved colostrum quality and quantity
    • Improved lamb birth weights
    • Improved lamb vigour
    • High energy for maximum milk quantity and quality
    • High selenium and vitamin E to give lambs the best start
    • Protected zinc for healthy hoof and udder
    • B group vitamins for maximum health and vigour

    Place bucket in area where stock congregate. Intake will vary according to availability of other feeds. Allow 1 bucket for 40 ewes

  • Thermovite Plus
    Thermovite +

    Thermovite Plus

    A nutritional supplement for lambs and calves supplying colostrum, energy, vitamins and beneficial bacteria.

    • Replaces energy lost after birth
    • Stimulates activity and sucking ability
    • Creates defence against hypothermia
    • Minimises stress in young calves and lambs
    • Provides the important first dose of colostrum
    • Increases disease immunity
    • Provides vital vitamin reserves
    • Establishes healthy gut micro-flora
    • Dose rate: Lambs 4ml, Calves 12 ml
    • Available in: Thermovite Trio (3 x60ml), Thermovite Plus Starter Pack (6 X84ml), Thermovite Plus Refill Pack (6x84ml)

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