As the new year is upon us, now is the time to be thinking about the nutritional demand for your ewes.
Maintaining ewe condition up to lambing is essential. Ewe nutrition for a healthy lambing is important from the start. Our Lifestart products are a good combination of proteins and energy to ensure peak demands are met when appetite is at its lowest. In addition these products have a wide range of minerals, including protected trace elements, alongside a comprehensive range of vitamins.
Using high levels of by-pass protein which helps to meet the digestible protein requirements of the ewe, Tithebarn’s Lifestart products are designed to:-
⭐️ Improve quality and quantity of colostrum
⭐️ Improve lamb birth weights
⭐️ Improve lamb health and vigour at birth
⭐️ Reduce twin lamb disease
⭐️ Increase the milk yield of the ewe
⭐️ Improve lamb performance, particularly twins and triplets
Our products are specifically formulated to be fed 6 weeks prior to lambing and post lambing for a faster recovery for the ewe and to give the lambs the best start possible.
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