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Sheep Health

  • Bloom ‘n’ Sheen

    Bloom ‘n’ Sheen

    Molassed Mineral Supplement for All Stock (25kg bag)

    • For the finishing touch to show and sale stock
    • A wide range of “protected” vitamins to maintain health in ruminant and non-ruminant animals
    • B Group vitamins essential for non-ruminants
    • Calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy bone growth
    • Cod liver oil to enhance palatability and to help improve coat condition
    • Trace elements for health and vitality
    • Selenium and vitamin E for healthy muscle development
    • Calves, Sheep, Deer, Goats 15-30g per day
    • Growing Cattle, Ponies, Sows 30-45g per day
    • Horses, Breeding Cattle, Show ~Cattle, Finishing Beef 45-60g per day
  • Dynabloc Gold

    Dynabloc Gold

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for Cattle and Sheep (15kg bucket)

    • High specification designed to meet the needs of growing and breeding stock
    • Beneficial to use to improve fertility pre-tupping
    • Includes concentrated protected trace elements for maximum productive efficiency
    • High levels of selenium and vitamin E to help optimise muscle development
    • Contains high levels of protected zinc to help improve foot condition, udder health and stimulate wool growth
    • Added protected manganese to help in reproductive development
    • 1 Dynabloc per 25 cattle per week
    • 1 Dynabloc per 100 sheep per week
  • Energy Balance Dynabloc

    Energy Balance Dynabloc

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff in bucket form for Cattle and Sheep (25kg bucket)

    • High energy for a balanced diet
    • A blend of high quality proteins to balance roughage
    • Urea to improve digestion and fibre breakdown
    • Calcium for healthy bone growth
    • Trace elements to counteract deficiencies in roughage
    • Protected vitamins for overall health
    • 1 Dynabloc per 70-100 sheep per week
  • Grassland Special

    Grassland Special

    Molassed mineral supplement for sheep and cattle (25kg bag)

    • Ideal for the grazing season
    • Readily available magnesium to balance grass and reduce chronic deficiencies
    • Salt to improve palatability and aid digestion
    • Trace elements to supplement grazed grass
    • Zinc to help improve coat and hoof condition and udder health
    • Health promoting protected vitamins
    • Ideally suited for free access feeding
    • Ewes 15g – 30g per day
    • Growing Cattle 50g – 100g per day
    • Cows 100g -150g per day
  • Graze ‘n’ Grow

    Graze ‘n’ Grow

    Molassed Mineral Supplement for Sheep and Cattle (25kg bag)

    • Contains protected zinc for additional availability of the essential trace element for
      Decreased hoof problems
      Improvements in fertility
      Improved coat and skin conditions
      Overall health
    • Calcium with phosphorus for overall health
    • Salt to improve palatability, control intake and balance low sodium in grass
    • Trace elements specified for use at grass
    • Protected vitamins for health
    • Growing cattle 50-100g per day
    • Sheep 15-30g per day
  • Grazing Dynabloc

    Grazing Dynabloc

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for Cattle and Sheep (15kg bucket)

    • Formulated with the correct balance of minerals and vitamins to optimise performance
    • High calcium to help develop bone growth
    • Protected zinc to help improve foot condition, udder health and stimulate wool growth
    • Selenium and vitamin E to aid muscle development
    • Protected vitamins to help maintain good health
    • 1 Dynabloc per 70-100 sheep per week
    • 1 Dynabloc per 20-25 cattle per week
  • High Energy Block
    Mineral Blocks

    High Energy Block

    Complementary feedingstuff for Sheep and Cattle (12.5kg block)

    • Contains protected fat which increases the energy available for milk and growth. It increases the quality of ewes’ milk
    • Undegradable Digestible protein to balance roughages
    • 14.3 MJ/kg DM energy to help at lambing or calving time
    • Trace elements and vitamins to maintain health for a good calf or lamb and consistency in milking
    • A high energy molassed cereal base with spices to promote palatability
    • 100 ewes will need 2-3 blocks perweek
    • 10 cattle will need 1-2 blocks per week
  • Iodine Selenium Cobalt Lick

    Iodine Selenium Cobalt Lick

    Mineralised Salt Lick (4 x 5kg)

    • Iodine to help reduce stillborn calves, retained placentas and reduced milk yields
    • Cobalt to help protect against “pine”
    • Selenium is essential to combat white muscle disease
    • Also available with Zinc
  • LifeStart Dynabloc


    LifeStart Dynabloc

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for sheep

    • High levels of by-pass protein with the correct amino acid profile for
    • Improved colostrum quality and quantity
    • Improved lamb birth weights
    • Improved lamb vigour
    • High energy for maximum milk quantity and quality
    • High selenium and vitamin E to give lambs the best start
    • Protected zinc for healthy hoof and udder
    • B group vitamins for maximum health and vigour

    Place bucket in area where stock congregate. Intake will vary according to availability of other feeds. Allow 1 bucket for 40 ewes

  • Magnesium Block
    Mineral Blocks

    Magnesium Block

    Mineral supplement for cattle and sheep (12.5kg block)

    • High grade magnesium mineral in convenient block form
    • Magnesium to help reduce chronic deficiencies
    • Highly available form of calcined magnesite for maximum utilisation
    • Salt to improve palatability and balance low sodium grass
    • Trace elements to make up the deficiencies in fast growing grass
    • A molassed cereal base, spiced to promote palatability
    • 100 cattle taking 125g/day will need 7 blocks per week
    • 200 ewes taking 25g/day will need 3 blocks per week

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