Summer cattle care


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Summer Cattle Care

  • Biomax Dynabloc

    Biomax Dynabloc

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for Growing and Fattening Cattle (25kg bucket)

    • Contains Crina for improving live weight gains in youngstock, growing and finishing cattle
    • Calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy bone growth
    • Zinc to improve foot condition
    • Zinc to increase feed conversion
    • Trace elements to help balance deficiencies in forage
    • Protected vitamins for overall health
    • 1 Dynabloc per 30-35 cattle per week
  • Grassland Special

    Grassland Special

    Molassed mineral supplement for sheep and cattle (25kg bag)

    • Ideal for the grazing season
    • Readily available magnesium to balance grass and reduce chronic deficiencies
    • Salt to improve palatability and aid digestion
    • Trace elements to supplement grazed grass
    • Zinc to help improve coat and hoof condition and udder health
    • Health promoting protected vitamins
    • Ideally suited for free access feeding
    • Ewes 15g – 30g per day
    • Growing Cattle 50g – 100g per day
    • Cows 100g -150g per day
  • Suckler Dynabloc

    Suckler Dynabloc

    High nutrient density feeding stuff for cattle (25kg bucket)

    • Formulated specially to meet the needs of the breeding cow
    • High level of magnesium to help reduce deficiencies
    • Calcium for milk production and bone growth
    • Phosphorus to help maintain fertility
    • Protected vitamins for health
    • Contains Sel-link Protected selenium for increased availability
    • 1 Dynabloc per 25 cows per week will supply 18 gms magnesium per head per day

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