Stephen Smith from Northumberland tells us about his experience with Thermovite.
“Farming on a large scale in Northumberland I used to use Spectam on my new-born lambs. I began to look for a different product to help prevent conditions such as Watery Mouth and came across Thermovite from Tithebarn. The first year I tried this product I only tried in on the early lambers in March. From then on, I have given it to every lamb and every calf born (spring and autumn) and have never looked back. I have done this for a number of years now and would highly recommend using this product to anyone.”

Rumen Enhance + Yeast

From both a beef and dairy perspective here’s what our customers say:-

Dylan Townend is one of our local representatives covering Yorkshire.
“When I came to Tithebarn almost two years ago I decided to try this product for myself. Since putting Enhance in my calf creeps I have seen a substantial change in my cattle. Last summer saw me wean the best batch of calves I have had. They were fitter especially with more coverage over the loin and heavier weaning weight.

With regard to liveweight gain I have seen an increase of 10% from adding Enhance to my ration. From weaning to selling 8 weeks later the bull calves averaged 2.3kg a day.

Their ration digestibility has improved with no undigested cereals passing through their system. Enhance has also put a real shine on their coats – ready for show preparation.”

J Pattinson & Son’s are long standing customers of both Minsups and Tithebarn.
“We have been using the Rumen Enhance for a number of years at Uldale Hall on our bulls and we have a special mineral mix for our pedigree FELLFOOT British Friesian dairy herd as well.

The bulls have excelled with the Rumen Enhance Minerals and we have seen a progressive increase in feed efficiency, it produces really good skins on them and keeps the rumen healthy.

We had fantastic results with the Rumen Enhance so we added the product to our mineral mix for the milk herd which has improved their general health and keeps them in great condition milking well with great quality milk.”

Premier 25 and Lifestart Blocks

Mr Morgan from Powys tells us about his experience with our Premier 25 and Lifestart Blocks:-
“Three years ago I decided to change from bag feed to blocks for my hill flock. During a visit to the winter fair at Builth Wells I looked at several different manufacturers and suppliers but, after meeting Rheinallt Williams, I decided to opt for Tithebarn blocks. These were not the cheapest option but have proved to be good value for money.

I start feeding with the Premier 25 in December and then change to Lifestart blocks in February.

The ewes hold condition well and have good milk and the lambs are very lively. I won’t go back to bagged feed! Highly recommend these blocks, great delivery service and very reliable.”

Easy Calve

John and Linda Bell from Aigle Gill Farm in Cumbria have been using Easy Calve for the past 3 years and this is what they have to say:-
“We have used Easy Calve Dynabloc for the past 3 years on our mainly spring calving herd of 200 Ayrshire Cows. Since using the product we have found the calves to be alert and good sucklers as well as the cows cleansing themselves. This has reduced our vets bills due to overall better animal health.”