With lambing and calving already underway why not try a nutritional supplement for Calves and Lambs supplying appropriate energy, minerals, vitamins, beneficial bacteria and colostrum. This product is designed to: –

  • Help improve vigour of new born Calves and Lambs due to a highly absorbable energy source
  • Help prevent several conditions such as Watery Mouth, Rotavirus, E Coli, Pneumonia and Scour
  • Stimulate activity and suckling ability
  • Provide the most important first dose of Colostrum

Along with many more benefits this product comes in 3 x 60ml tubes or 6 x 80ml ideal for carrying in your pocket to ensure a clean, safe and efficient administration.
Thermovite Plus is a practical, cost -effective aid helping prevent disease among Lambs and Calves.

Can you afford not to use it?

Get in touch with your local representative or the office on 01606 595 000 for more information.

Thermovite Plus