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  • Bloom ‘n’ Sheen

    Bloom ‘n’ Sheen

    Molassed Mineral Supplement for All Stock (25kg bag)

    • For the finishing touch to show and sale stock
    • A wide range of “protected” vitamins to maintain health in ruminant and non-ruminant animals
    • B Group vitamins essential for non-ruminants
    • Calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy bone growth
    • Cod liver oil to enhance palatability and to help improve coat condition
    • Trace elements for health and vitality
    • Selenium and vitamin E for healthy muscle development
    • Calves, Sheep, Deer, Goats 15-30g per day
    • Growing Cattle, Ponies, Sows 30-45g per day
    • Horses, Breeding Cattle, Show ~Cattle, Finishing Beef 45-60g per day
  • Dairy Special

    Dairy Special

    Molassed Mineral Supplement for Cattle (25kg bag)

    • Protected, phased release zinc for foot health, milk somatic cell count and milk yield
    • Ca:P ratio to help balance rations
    • Phosphorus to help improve fertility
    • Trace elements to supplement roughages
    • Also suitable for suckers and replacement heifers
    • Protected vitamins to help promote good health
    • Dairy and suckler cows 100g per day
    • Heifers 30-60g per day
  • Dynabloc Gold

    Dynabloc Gold

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for Cattle and Sheep (15kg bucket)

    • High specification designed to meet the needs of growing and breeding stock
    • Beneficial to use to improve fertility pre-tupping
    • Includes concentrated protected trace elements for maximum productive efficiency
    • High levels of selenium and vitamin E to help optimise muscle development
    • Contains high levels of protected zinc to help improve foot condition, udder health and stimulate wool growth
    • Added protected manganese to help in reproductive development
    • 1 Dynabloc per 25 cattle per week
    • 1 Dynabloc per 100 sheep per week
  • Dynamin Gold

    Dynamin Gold

    An easy to use supplement for cattle, to maintain proper trace element and mineral status

    Containing high levels of protected sources of copper, zinc, manganese and selenium, along with conventional high quality sources. (25kg bag)

    • Increased mineral availability/reduced “lock-ups”
    • Reduced oxidation of feedstuffs (including vitamins)
    • Improvement in animal response
    • More accurate additions – less waste
    • Reduced pollutants in manure and run-off water
    • Better mineral balance – less complexing
    • Improved financial gains – greater response
    • Dairy cows 50g per day
    • Other stock 25-50g per day
  • Graze ‘n’ Grow

    Graze ‘n’ Grow

    Molassed Mineral Supplement for Sheep and Cattle (25kg bag)

    • Contains protected zinc for additional availability of the essential trace element for
      Decreased hoof problems
      Improvements in fertility
      Improved coat and skin conditions
      Overall health
    • Calcium with phosphorus for overall health
    • Salt to improve palatability, control intake and balance low sodium in grass
    • Trace elements specified for use at grass
    • Protected vitamins for health
    • Growing cattle 50-100g per day
    • Sheep 15-30g per day
  • Grazing Dynabloc

    Grazing Dynabloc

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for Cattle and Sheep (15kg bucket)

    • Formulated with the correct balance of minerals and vitamins to optimise performance
    • High calcium to help develop bone growth
    • Protected zinc to help improve foot condition, udder health and stimulate wool growth
    • Selenium and vitamin E to aid muscle development
    • Protected vitamins to help maintain good health
    • 1 Dynabloc per 70-100 sheep per week
    • 1 Dynabloc per 20-25 cattle per week
  • Phosphorus Dynabloc + Copper

    Phosphorus Dynabloc + Copper

    High Nutrient Density Feeding Stuff for cattle (25kg bucket)

    • High copper to help maintain growth and fertility
    • Specifically formulated to contain high levels of phosphorus and calcium
    • Suitable for feeding cattle before and during bulling
    • Phosphorus to assist fertility in breeding stock
    • Manganese to help with fertility
    • Contains “sel-link” protected selenium for increased availability
    • Protected vitamins to help promote good health
    • 1 dynabloc per 30-35 cattle per week

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