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Tithe Tech Centre
Tithe Tech Centre
Tithe Tech Centre

Quality control, research and bespoke technical services

Technical services

Tithebarn’s expertise in livestock nutrition and health is available on request from our technical department or our local representatives. With close to 80 years of practical and scientific experience to call on, you won’t find a better source of advice and support anywhere.

Our most popular services are:

Standard forage analysis
To help you ensure that final rations are accurately balanced.

Forage mineral analysis
To identify and prevent deficiencies that typically result from a lack of minerals.

Computer rationing
We calculate appropriate individual rations to suit any type of farm system.

Special mix service
We provide you with minerals specifically suited to your farm.

Farm visit

A Tithebarn representative will visit to help you determine which of our products will be most beneficial and cost effective for your farm.